Andrew Chisholm is a New York based Associate Creative Director at Ogilvy. Andrew does not usually refer to himself in the third person, but in this case it allows Andrew to talk about his accomplishments in way that doesn’t seem as braggadocios because the effect is that someone else is saying it. 


Andrew might otherwise be uncomfortable saying that he’s an international award-winning creative having worked with such prestigious brands and organizations like Ad Council, American Express, Maserati, Virgin Mobile, Campbell’s, Frito Lay, Visit Great Britain, the Walk Without Fear Foundation and many others, but because the bio is written this way, it’s much less uncomfortable for some reason.


It should be mentioned that Andrew is Canadian which might explain this aversion to overt self-promotion, but when he’s not being an “Alien of Extraordinary Ability” (U.S Government’s words, not his) you’ll find him riding his bicycle, in sommelier school,